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What is A.I.B Custom Fx?

Well...the acronym stands for Arts In Bloodshed© and the whole thing is a small guitar and bass pedal workshop, founded in 2013 and entirely dedicated to built the best, the gainiest and most unconventional one-off custom pedals in the heart of the eastern forests of France.

The credo is pretty straight forward: conjure almost 10 years spent in the scientific research area, channel more than 20 years of experience in the music industry and brew it with a life long dark fantasy, horror films and role playing game culture to build the most unique metal fuzz & distortion pedals. The brand provides all metal genres, but specializes in heavy, muddy,  low tuned styles like funeral doom, sludge, stoner and death.

As of today, more than 200 custom one-off and custom utilitarian have been built, for anonymous aspiring musicians, international pride like Dave Krocker, Billy Cordell, ted Venemann, Anneke van Giersbergen, or legends as Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri, John garcia.

Goblins In the workshop

Jerome aka "jim". Bearded head of A.I.B Custom Fx. Builder, designer and illustrator. Master's degree in cognitive science. guitar tech since age 15. guitar and bass player. casual gamer, fantasy & horror culture fan, game master. avid v8 engine customizer. Bought "forest of equilibrium" by cathedral in 1992 and has not been the same since. incapable of watching the last minutes of the Lord of the rings and loves type o negative's romantism more than socially acceptable. right handed


  1. Impression très positive à l écoute de la demo de Judge Fred ... je pense passer une commande bientôt

  2. Bonjour Lionel! profitez-en, les options de la Rifles V2 sont vues à la hausse pour 2014:
    -tone switch 3 positions (au lieu de 2)
    -choix du type de grain (tight, balanced, full)

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