Please check the Frequently asked questions below, you might find the answer you're looking for. If you need more specific answers feel free to contact us at:

call: 0033 (0) 781-666-388


-Are your pedal designs analog?
-Yes, all pedals are analog. Mosfet, jfet,silicon, everything.

-are your artworks silkscreened or decals of some sort?
-absolutely not. Every single pedal is handpainted and handbuilt at the workshop. 

-How much does a custom pedal cost?
-It's very variable because custom projects are very different from one another.
 The best way to know is to ask for a quote but based on the average demands
 a 4 knob custom fuzz with a special artwork would be comprised between 210-240€

-What kind of components are you using?
-Only high grade and audiophile components are used. 
 Only those are able to provide the high quality standards A.I.B custom fx demands.

-I didn't find any battery snap, why are your pedals fed with 9v adapters only?
-For 2 main reasons. First, batteries deplete, feeding less and less current to pedals that are optimally biased for 9v operations. To plug less than 9v would give you a sub-optimal sound, so no batteries! Finally, batteries are not environementally safe. A.I.B has eco-friendly standards.

-Since you don't build ac adapters, what do you recommend?
-It will be pretty clear: even if other brands might be good enough, A.I.B only recommends Voodoo lab adapters. They're of the highest quality, noisefree and made in USA.

-Where can I try/buy your pedals?
-A.I.B pedals can be bought and ordered right here. Several models, some exclusive, can be tested and bought at Wunjo guitars London or at joe's pedals in Exeter. A showroom will be open to the public at the workshop for summer/autumn 2017.

-I'm a music professional, do you have an endorsement program for pros?
-Yes we do. The program is for endorsement/pros/retailers. For inquiries, please send an email at the email adress above.

-Many custom companies propose pedals that are clones. Are yours clones too?
-No they're not. Electronic designs are original and copyrighted. We take the word "custom"  very seriously, meaning that everything must be original and handmade.

-Why are your models mainly fuzz pedals? Do you build pedals for the metal genre?
-Yes, metal in a broad sense is our clientele. Models for Black & Death metal will soon be available.  Many fuzz pedals have been produced because it has been the main demanded product.

-Are A.I.B custom fx products eco-friendly?
-Yes they are. The workshop is equipped with low current devices, paints are far below european COV standards and there's no solvant during the manufacturing process.


  1. Avez vs un site en français? Technologie analogique complete? Merci les gars!

    1. Salut jeff. Non pas de site en français (clientèle internationale) mais n'hésite pas à envoyer tes questions à l'adresse e-mail mentionnée au dessus pour tout renseignement!

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