M.R.S Custom

Jimmy Kennedy & Julien Pras signature pedals.

The M.R.S custom is a 70's style fuzz pedal developped by A.I.B custom fx to fit the needs of Jimmy K and julien P, respectively bass player and guitar player/singer of the band 
Mars red Sky.
Available for both instruments, the pedals are built to provide everything a vintage fuzz enthusiast desires...through modern standards. They deliver an all authentic warm 70's feel and get the best from contemporary components. That means higher gain, a wider tonal range, more output , and a quieter operation, all this while keeping the compression balanced and increasing sustain and dynamics.
That makes the M.R.S custom pedals the perfect match for stoner music and all its subgenres. 
Like all stompboxes from A.I.B custom fx, they are handbuilt and handpainted. Come in both guitar and bass version. optional red/green color available.

-True Bypass
-Heavy duty/soft action footswitch
-Bright Green led
-1 year warranty
-Selected/matched transistors
-Tight tolerances

195€ (+15€ shipping)

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