Black Frost series

The Black frost model is the workshop's answer to the demands of modern metal heads: Extreme saturation, djent precision, long sustain and silent operation. The mosfet architecture of the circuit combines the tube-like dynamic texture and an aggro worthy of a metal amp head. The 3 band EQ is very variable and offers no less than 14dB of mid cut. On top of that, the overall frequency filtering has been designed to be able to bring mid-rich modern tones as well as a 90's tonal menace with a whiff of swedish vibe. Last but not least, an adjustable internal noise gate as been implemented, making the pedal's operation very clean without compromising any sustain. Black Frost is a name well deserved. Handbuilt and handpainted.
-true bypass
-9v boss standard
-low noise
-original graphic design
-1 year warranty


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