Hexed Custom

Dave Krocker & Ted Venemann Signature Fuzz / Distortion

here is a music realm made of heaviness, where goblins dwell and witches prepare their potions in  wicked cauldrons. A doomed land where the trees are evil and the sky's dark green. If you belong in here then the Hexed Fuzz Custom is for you. Built according to the specs of Dave Krocker and Ted Venemann from the band YIDHRA, the pedal provides an extra thick yet detailed high gain fuzz distortion perfect for extra low tunings. The fat and squished texture is filtered through a custom 3 band EQ and features a soft action true bypass switch as well as a bright creepy green led. Switchcraft jacks complete the high quality hardware. Heavy, extra gainy and quiet. The heaviest fuzz made by witchcraft. Handbuilt & handpainted

-True Bypass
-Thick Distortion
-3 band EQ
-Bright Green Led
-1 year warranty

demo and pedal available here
A.I.B Custom Fx store


  1. How much do these pedals cost because they sound very amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Louis!
      respectively, in British pound, the Hexed custom is 203 gbp, the Psylocibin custom is 190 gbp and the MRS custom are 165 gbp (guitar or bass model). You can order directly from here via paypal, or via email at artsinbloodshed@gmail.com.

  3. Hello from Russia :D

    Your pedals sounding AMAZING!

    When will the low price on Hexed? I wanna to buy it. And how much is shipping to Russia? 15€ ? Thank you!

    1. Hi there! The hexed already had its price lowered (205€ now vs 240€ before) and yes, the shipping is still 15€ for russia. if you have any other question/inquiry, please contact me at artsinbloodshed@gmail.com. cheers!

  4. WOW I LOVE This Thing. I've got to have the bass model. I LOVE This Thing, I LOVE This Thing.

  5. Can’t seem to find this pedal anywhere does anyone have any ideas on where I could buy this pedal?