General Conditions


All pedals are fully built and sent by A.I.B Custom Effects. (info in the "about A.I.B" section).
All Guitar Custom series, Bass Custom Series and Special orders are made exclusively on demand. Ordering implies accepting the general conditions of use.


As you may know already, every single pedal is built and painted by hand, exclusively on demand. It's not a device that springs out of any kind of automatic machinery so, it will take some time to be built with passion and care. The waiting time depends on the number of pending orders, but the average waiting time for Guitar/Bass Custom Pedals is  2-4 weeks. For a Special order Custom Pedal, a minimum of 6 weeks is necessary for development and completion. A personal project is comprised of prototyping/soldering/machining/wiring/paint and research.


Shipping costs are calculated regarding the size/weight of a pedal and its destination. All pedals are packaged with care, in a protective parcel packed with foam chips. The parcel also comes with  insurance covering travel damage (within France) and an express delivery method. A.I.B retains the right to change the shipping method anytime to provide the best safety/speed ratio for deliveries. Because A.I.B contracts an insurance with every shipping, the company cannot be responsible for any damage that might occur during transfer. Shipping fees cover:
-Protective chips
-Express delivery.


Payment is via paypal. Paypal is a secure and crypted way to transfer money easily. Other payment methods: Cash and cheques are accepted within France only. International/ national Bank Transfers are also accepted. These non-paypal methods are available through mail ordering only. The necessary bank information will be sent through an order confirmation email. In case of personal custom pedal ordering a deposit of about 30% of the final price will be asked through the same methods to cover the cost of parts in case of further order cancellation. 


Each pedal comes with a full year warranty. The warranty covers normal use of the pedal, under normal conditions. Signs of use on the design (paint) are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty voids if the pedal is opened or altered in any way. Within this year, repairs (defined by the normal condition of use) are free (shipping costs at the customers expense).
After care advice is still available after warranty expiration (operation tips/technical support/etc).


All Bass Custom Series, Guitar Custom Series and Special Order pedals are made exclusively on demand by the customer. The client has 7 days for order retractation after the first (or full payment) is made. if the order is carried, no withdrawal/refund is accepted. In case of special order cancellation, the deposit (used to cover the price of parts and hardwares) can't be refunded. One-Off type pedals are pre-existing pedals and are "in stock". Because they are not made exclusively on demand, a right of withdrawal occurs. They may be returned within a period of 14 days (full working days) from the day of delivery. However, no return or refund will be accepted without permission from A.I.B. You must contact (letter/e-mail/etc) A.I.B before returning the device.
In any case, please keep track of the day of delivery, it will be asked during the return process.
In case of return, all pedal Must be shipped back in it's original packaging (parcel, foam chips,add-ons and/or bonuses). Bubble wrap is NOT allowed because it may damage the paint. The pedal Must be sent back withing 30 days (since the day of agreement).
According to the law, the refund will be done within a period of 30 days since the day of delivery, on the condition of a total integrity of the pedal. No scratches, chips, dents, dysfunction or signs of use are accepted. If the pedal shows any of these signs, the refund is not accepted and the pedal will be shipped back to the customer (at their expense).


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