Special Orders

A.I.B Custom Effects can also Build your special projects.

A near limitless variety of projects can be conceived, built, and finished fitting your needs and preferences.  Digital distortion modeling might be tempting but nothing compares to actual electrons supercharging semiconductors when it comes to delivering the goods, especially when the goods are user defined! Ordering a personal custom pedal is the best way to get an original piece of sonic mayhem and artwork on your pedalboard. So far, A.I.B Custom fx has designed, built and painted more than 150 models, all one-off pedals, for demanding musicians. 

Ordering a personal custom pedal means:
-getting the options you want and even more.
-A true compatibility with your Amp/Rig.
-The sound you're looking for, not some sub-optimal pedal. 
-A pedal design that will never be made again.
-professional advices and warranty

Every pedal ordered this way is totally
UNIQUE (and will remain unique).

If you want or consider to have your own pedal built, contact Jerome at A.I.B custom fx. 
There you'll be able to talk about everything from sound to general budget and from layout to art direction.

email: artsinbloodshed@gmail.com
call: +0033 (0) 781 666 388

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